Sunday, May 24, 2009


Somewhere near Presidio, Texas

Jefferson, Texas

Mission Doorway, San Antonio
Inside Mission in San Antonio
I love the stenciling
Courtyard Doorway at a San Antonio Mission

San Antonio Mission

Cabin near Honobia, Oklahoma, Thanksgiving Time

The Brenda Photo Challenge is hosted this time by Annie at Annie's Blog. The theme is Doorways, one of my favorite subjects. I've probably posted some of these before.


Karen M said...

Lovely, doorways! Thanks for all your encouraging comments and the card in the mail.

Donna said...

Those are so beautiful! Those old doors sure can tell some tales, don't you think?

Butterfly Gardener said...

Love all you doorways! Maybe someday I'll see some of these places in person. Great job!

Donna said...

Glad I checked back!! These are GREAT!! How neat!! I love the mission!hughugs

kimberly said...

i LOVE your photos, karen...beautiful....i am a door person too! :)