Monday, February 9, 2009


a place of refuge and protection

a consecrated place

I've noticed lately how, in the midst of worship, my mind clears, my heart quiets, my worries flee, and God speaks. It's where my moments of greatest inspiration are found.

A clear mind. . .

(Webster's definitions of the word clear)

bright , luminous cloudless ,free from mist, haze, or dust . . .oh

untroubled , serene, clean , pure easily seen through . . .that's why

transparent easily heard easily visible . . .it's starting to make sense now

plain free from obscurity or ambiguity, easily understood. . .of course

unmistakable , capable of sharp discernment . . .I can see

keen free from doubt . . . I believe

sure , free from guile or guilt . . .I am saved

innocent ,unhampered by restriction or limitation, unencumbered by debts . . .I am free

absolute free from obstruction ,emptied of contents or cargo , free from entanglement . . . I've laid down my burdens, set down my load

lucid capacity to perceive the truth directly and instantaneously. . . Now, it's all clear to me

I love words and their meanings. They never fail to amaze me.


kimberly said...

thankful for sanctuaries in this busy, hectic worry filled life we live.....peace.
thank you karen.

Heather C said...

Dissection has never looked so beautiful! Thanks for the word pictures... I love it!

Just Joni said...

Words just bridge the gap don't they? You and I are quite often on the same page...I always like when that happens ~
I love your depiction of "sanctuary" and all the definitions that produce meaning toward that special place.

jojo said...

JUst wanted to greet you"Happy Valentines",I'm very thankful for your inspiring thoughts.