Wednesday, June 17, 2009

new growth

One of the perks of not working full time at the moment, is I have ttttiiiiimmmmeeee to read and reflect that I didn't always have before. In reading the post about pruning on The Master's Artist blog, I remembered my old rose bush that I trimmed way back earlier in the spring. It was here when we moved into this house a little over 10 years ago. It had grown to be as tall as the house itself and was looking very woody and dead in some places. So, I trimmed it back, as far as my clippers would allow and sort of forgot about it since it's towards the back, on the side of my house.
The amazing thing about it is, new green growth is growing out of what looked to be dead, and the roses are a bright pink color instead of the deep, dark red they were before! Even they are expressing the newness of new life.
Maybe that's what I'm experiencing in this in between time. Maybe this is a time to be open to newness, new color, new growth, new ideas. . . For some reason, worry about money hasn't hit me yet. I'm just more aware of God being in the details, details I see in the beauty of creation around me, details in creating and accepting what I have been given to create, and the joy in all of that. I think it's a kind of healing for me. I can certainly use all of that I can get!
Well, my dogs can't decide whether to play or take a nap. I think they've decided on the nap. I just put my tea bags in for some fresh brewed iced tea for today, my daughter's still asleep, my son's not home yet from his sleepover, I've emptied the dishwasher, and I'm soaking up the quietness of the morning. Love to you all.


Sally said...

This is a wonderful post, Karen, and I needed to hear the words you've written. Thank you. ((hugs))

Donna said...

Yes, ma'am. New growth is what we all need to give us a new perspective! I'm so glad that you can now savor the gift of time a bit more!

Just Joni said...

I'm loving the spare time to soak in all that's around me too. Isn't it wonderful what we can glean from the simplest of things...God's subtle messages for those who stand still long enough to see them. Lovely post my dear friend ~

Stacey said...

I agree~It is nice to have free time for new growth!Well put:)

kimberly said...

such a good be still....and know....he is God.

Donna said...

Everything will work out like it should sweetie!! Hang in there!!hughugs

Kathy C. said...

Blessings sweet friend! :) I always enjoy your posts.

Heather C said...

Beautiful post! I absolutely love how our Lord can take something that everyone else deems as good as dead and breathe new life into it... even creating a different flower. Behold, He makes all things new! So thankful for that today... :)