Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Walk in July

The quiet morning drew me outside to spend some time walking and contemplating. There was enough of a breeze to breathe coolness into the start of the day!

Beautiful Texas Bluebonnets, right in my own flowerbed!
We bought the seeds as souvineers on a trip in the spring and they finally bloomed~

This little guy scampered along with me for awhile~
I was finally able to capture him with my close up setting. He's found a nut of some kind~

He scampered up a tree and is enjoying his find~

Bright eyed and bushy tailed~!

Beautiful Sunflowers this morning along the way!

And another. . .

Wow! What a Sunflower!

My huge Cottonwood tree towers over my rooftop. Even though some people think it doesn't count because it's just a Cottonwood, I love my tree!

Moss roses in my flower pot. I'm still enjoying this macro photography thing!
Have a wonderful Saturday!


Sally said...

Your photo's are awesome! I love your tree also, and had to have one of mine taken down; it made me ill!!

Love the sunflowers!! I have a moss rose that came up from where I do not know in a flower pot, but it's very pretty; mine is yellow.

Have a wonderful weekend, :)

Donna said...

Thanks Karen! The photos are Wonderful!!!hughugs

Karen M said...

What a wonderful walk....very lovely pictures.

kimberly said...


Joni said...

I needed a stroll down a nature path! Beautiful shots and so good that you took the time to see such beauty!