Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Are My Hiding Place

Last night, while reading in Psalm 91, this song kept playing in my mind. So this morning I had to find it to listen to.  

I love God's second chances. We have another snow day today~ my second chance to actually get something done around my house while watching the snow outside! I have a house full of boxes in need of being put away, sorted through, or thrown away. So, this is my day. 

I pray that this song fills your heart with peace, and blesses you, regardless of what your day holds, or the things you may be afraid of. 



Donna said...

Thanks sweet lady! I also see you have a photography blog! Going over to check it out!

Sally said...

I love that we get second chances, and 3rd & 4ths. :)

Always so good to see you here. ((hugs))