Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here we go again! (I like to repost this from time to time as a reminder of where I've been and where I am going).

If you are a single mom, regardless of the path that brought you here, this is for you can know that you do not have to walk alone.

For all of the women who share the role of single mom, including me, we belong to a very large group of women who share the same heart, the same struggles and the same needs.

In learning how to be single, sometimes we attempt to attach ourselves to another human being, hoping they will be able to meet our deepest needs and heal our hurts. We miss the feeling that we are part of a whole. In our “neediness” we think another human being might hold the answer. So we reach out to relationships that only pull us farther away from where we need to be and bring more hurt into our lives.

The most important truth I can share with you is this. . .

There is someone who I have fallen in love with. I am committed to Him and love Him with all my heart. I am not alone anymore. He meets every need I could ever have. He never leaves my side. He is faithful. He is strong enough to protect and provide for my children and myself. Spending time with Him every day has become my greatest joy. I have learned that I can trust Him in any situation. Regardless of how impossible the world may see my plight, He can bring blessing from it. He has shown me that the greatest blessings in my life have come from my greatest difficulties.

He is my God and my Savior Jesus Christ. He loves me. He loves you. There is nothing we have done or will do that can change that love. We have made mistakes, we have made wrong choices. Those we loved have made mistakes and wrong choices. These do not limit God and His power to restore. His grace and mercy are greater than our weakness. For it is in our greatest struggles that we see Christ. Only His pain on the cross is enough to save us from our greatest pain.

When we get to the place in our lives when there is no one else, no place else to go, nothing left to believe, Jesus is there waiting. His arms are stretched out to us in love and forgiveness. We can find Jesus in His Word, in the books we read, in the music we listen to, and always in our heart. I found that after years of wondering if I could ever be welcomed back into God's arms, I was the one who had looked away. All I had to do was look to Him. My eyes met His and He was right there with me. No human being could ever be as close.

"There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

Romans 8:1


Just Joni said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I'm happy you enjoyed your visit and likewise I should add that I have found many things on your blog that I find uplifting and's so nice to bump into fellow Christians.
Do stop by'll always be welcome!

Have a peaceful evening ~

Karen said...

Someone is reading my blog! You have no idea how thrilling it is to have my first comment! Thank you for taking the time.

I've heard this said that we read to know we're not alone. We write so others will know they're not alone. Thanks for your graciousness.

Just Joni said...

Hey I remember this! Your response to my comment warmed my heart and I haven't stopped visiting since...I'm so glad that we have "met"....I always treasure your "voice" whether it's on my blog or yours ~


Just Joni said...

I just noticed the future date? Is there a meaning behind it?

Karen said...

I had to change the date on this post to move it from the bottom of my blog to the top. I just changed the year to keep it simple.

julie said...

Blessings, Karen!
I just ran across your blog when I was doing a search for Mark Benthall (as I am taking the same teaching courses you took earlier.) Amazed to see that we have so much in common. Are you teaching? I believe our Lord made it very clear that I am to teach, hence, began training and am looking for a position. Now, wondering how in the world I will support 5 kids on a teacher's salary ; )Guess He knows!

Morning By Morning said...

This post just really touched my heart!!! I feel this SAME exact way~ you could not have explained it better!!!

I honestly know there is no way I could be the mother I am today with out God as the main focus in my life!

pfranklin said...

Such sweet heatfelt words from a beautiful lady. Thank you so very much for writing these. Love to you, Phyllis

Just Joni said...

...and it's STILL a beautiful post.

Morning By Morning said...

I gress STILL I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read this.
It is SO beautifully written!!!!!

Donna said...

This is beautiful....((((HUG))))

Stacey said...

AGAIN I must say~I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!
It is so true & I needed to be reminded of this tonight:)
Thank You Karen!

Annie said...

Hi Karen..thanks for stopping by my blog...and enjoying the Christmas lights!!

It is good to catch up here. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend away camping...good on you! How lovely! And thanks for sharing your faith with us...we all need each other don't we, to be strengthened and reminded of whom we love and serve!

Do hope you enjoy the rest of December with your family! May God's blessings be with you!