Monday, February 4, 2008

Keep Moving Forward

I love the movie Meet the Robinsons. This little boy is able to meet himself as a grown up, and see the results of his childhood dreams and inventions. His theme in everything he does is "Keep Moving Forward".

I think I was partly fascinated by the possbility of meeting myself as a child. What questions would I ask of myself? Am I living the life I imagined as a child? Where do I need to return to in my thinking, my dreams, to get back on the right track? What did I love as a child? What words of comfort would I give myself, what words of encouragement?

What do I need to do today to keep moving forward? I believe it's possible to make a little progress each day, even though sometimes it seems that we're on a treadmill, simply covering the same territory over and over again. Sometimes I need to stop thinking...pondering...and just DO something!

here's my list

  • finish putting away Christmas decorations (I know, it's embarrassing to admit)
  • read my Bible
  • write my prayers so I can keep track of how God answers
  • do laundry and dishes
  • file my income taxes
  • help my kids with their homework
  • make a plan of action to take the next step towards my goal (we all have to have a goal!)
  • or take the next step toward my goal
  • make a list of everything I would do to my house if I had the money
  • now, list them in priority order
  • make a list of everything we need to do to find a college for my daughter
  • make a spreadsheet for information on different colleges
  • get myself organized!
  • get my kids organized!
  • feed my kids dinner
  • just be a good mom
  • keep things simple
  • trust God

What do you need to do today to keep moving forward?

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