Saturday, May 17, 2008

Farewell to the Old Garage Doors

On Monday I will be saying farewell to my 40 something year old garage doors. They have served me well for the ten years we have made this house our home. They were originally this color along with all of the other trim on the house. Several years ago, my kids and I spent at least one summer and most of one year, scraping and sanding the old paint. The doors are the original wooden doors and I'm sad at seeing them go. However, the thought of lifting 100 pound garage doors for the next 25 years doesn't appeal to me and the springs are unable to be replaced. So. . .

Don't you just love the woodwork around all of the windows? That's part of the reason I fell in love with this house. Maybe I should try and save the panel with the windows. Nah. . .well, maybe.

So, how is your Saturday going?


Just Joni said...

I remember when we had our garage doors replaced. I was so happy to get rid of those heavy things and the new ones updated the looks of our house...we saved our money over and over for the new garage door, but something else would always happen to prevent the money from going toward it, then one day it all worked out...a lesson in patience I suppose. It's always good to look back and appreciate things again.

my saturday was spent writing. I'm finishing up final projects for school and it really hasn't been much fun...I'm ready for a break, but I know that too will go by fast, so I might as well adapt a new approach right now...hope your weekend has been fruitful~


alan said...

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