Thursday, July 17, 2008

I heard this song on the radio yesterday and it really captured my heart. I couldn't catch all of the words, so I looked it up online. I had never seen the video for the song before. My heart was pulled in so strongly, I think, because I can identify with the hurting person as well as hoping and praying that I am not one who has looked away. As God has restored me, I wish to be one who sits down and takes the time to care. May God open my eyes to the needs around me.


Homesteader in Training said...

I have this cd and think about this video every time it plays.Unfortunately today that is so true in some churches or even in personal Christians. Sometimes we forget to really look around us and see the hurting people that may be standing right beside us. I try to be aware of those around me but am probably just as guilty sometimes of being to busy or not wanting to be bothered. Great reminder of why we should take the time.

Joni said...

this is why I try hard to convey "I'm here if you need me" to everyone I meet...and there have been times aplenty when doing this has worked against me, but I know I'm a better person for being this way...because I would never want to be the person who knowingly looks away...we are called to provide hope to others when possible...and I love this song...the message is something we can all relate to...thanks for sharing ~

Cindra said...

Wonderful song and very well illustrated in the video. Makes you really want to "see" so you can make a difference.