Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Grandma stitched these birds and they were hanging on the wall over her couch for as long as I can remember. She loved birds. We would sit at the upstairs window and look out at the birds flying back and forth to their birdhouse. I'm thankful to have these keepsakes and this reminded me that I need to find a place for them on my wall again.


Sally said...

Aw, how sweet. My mom loved birds also. I'm glad you have such a wonderful memento of your grandmothers. :)

a bite of country cupcakes said...

I have just bought a bird platform feeder so I can do just that!
Those pictures of your grandmothers are really something special...You will need to find somewhere to show them off.

Karen M said...

This definitely should be on a wall in your home.