Monday, May 18, 2009

Born Free

Who remembers this movie? Isn't it funny how the movies and books and music we love as children stay with us? We rented this movie on Sunday and so far I'm the only one who has watched it all the way through. My old paperback copy of the book is missing its front cover, but still on my bookshelf. That's amazing. I remember what a powerful effect it had on me as a young girl and whatever pull it had on me then is still there. I love the song. I remember the cover of the sheet music, so I must have learned to play it on the piano. I'll have to look for it and see if I can still find the notes on my out of tune piano!

I will soon be moving to Africa and raising lions. I'll continue blogging from there. My heart is full!


Donna said...

I remember it Well!!! It has stayed with Me, a lifetime as well!! Beautiful music!hughugs

Sally said...

You're not really moving to Africa, are you? You know how naive' I am. :)

I love that song!!

Karen M said...

I remember it too! Great movie.

Butterfly Gardener said...

For some reason I can't get the picture to load...Oh well, I've never seen many movies, so I probably haven't seen it!

I love the quote about enjoying life. What a great thought and encouragement.

Carol said...

I loved the theme song for that movie! I had the sheet music, my piano teacher always picked the latest music for me to learn.

La Leigh said...

hi Karen. Im back after months of not being around. I decided to write again. I hope you can still remember me.

By the way, it's Leigh

kimberly said...

lol....i kind of have the same question as sally!!!! :)