Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm doing a little house cleaning and painting my bathroom tonight while listening to a really good oldies station. Boy, every song has been so fun to listen to. So, I thought I'd share a little "blast from the past" with you guys.

Ok. . . EVERY song sung by Cat Stevens is so poignant and beautiful. It's very difficult to only include three, but I've got work to do! How many hundreds of times did we listen to these songs and how did they shape our hearts when we were so young?


Just Joni said...

Love it! The live versions are always better. How's that painting coming along? Be sure and share the finished product or in the very least a color sample!

Donna said...

Painting? You're a Good Girl!Hahaa..Happy week sweetie!!hughugs

Sally said...

Well, this sure proves a point~You are MUCH younger than me!! I missed the boat with those songs!

Have fun painting, and when you're finished come on down here, girl!! :)

kimberly said...

loooove cat stevens.....still have RECORDS by him! :)