Friday, August 22, 2008

Evening Rays

I wanted to share these photos I snapped this evening with you. I couldn't believe the beauty of the sun's rays as they shone behind the clouds. I found myself watching expectantly through my camera and I was fairly amazed at the beauty of it all. Sometimes the real wonders of creation far surpass even our imaginations.


a bite of country cupcakes said...

Karen...Your photo's are mind blowing!
Ilove photos though>..
My kids call the rays like that the "fingers of God"
I so love that!
Onmy recent post "if you could see me now"..I have a photo of my kids waliking down the shore at the beach and there are fingers of god peeking out of the clouds above the mountain range..The You Yangs..Not so noticable but definitley there.

Cindra said...

I love this type of picture. It does make you feel like God is right behind that cloud just in case.

Karen M said...

These are great cloud pictures. You know how much I like clouds and pictures of clouds. They are just awesome. Well, the God that made them is really AWESOME!!

Morning By Morning said...

Great Pictures!!