Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holding Her Head High

I was browsing through my favorite bookstore the other day and
happened upon this book. I can't wait to buy it and read it. I wanted to share this review with you. I have a feeling this will be a book that becomes near and dear to my heart.

Life lessons from single mothers throughout history form the inspiration for single mothers today.

Single moms are not just a product of our modern culture. There have been single mothers throughout history, women who have raised not only their children but also nations with a higher vision for life. Holding Her Head High recounts stories of twelve such women from the third to the twenty-first centuries, women who found ways to twist their fates to represent God's destiny for their lives.

These uniquely powerful, brave women, within the scope of their own world and times, are like the ninety-nine percent of single mothers today who never intended to carry that distinction. They are abandoned, widowed, or divorced, all carrying wounds, yet they also all found ways to exhibit courage, kindness, dignity, and faith to heal themselves by healing others.

Actress Janine Turner, herself a single mother, describes the social implications for women and children from the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages to Pioneer days, including a single mother of slavery. Stories from women like Rachel Lavein Fawcett, abandoned single mother of Alexander Hamilton; Abagail Adams, a wartime widow; Harriet Jacobs, an unwed mother of slavery whose autobiography was published the year the Civil War began; and widowed Belva Lockwood, the first woman to officially run for President, all carrying wounds but all offering insight, wisdom, and encouragement.

Lessons include:

Listen for God's higher calling
Hold your head high
Dare to dream
Champion your children
Heal with humor
Don't Give Up Before the Miracle

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Just Joni said...

sounds like an interesting read - single mother or not...
women are the backbone of....well, pretty much everything...rejoice in that and know you have been blessed.

how was the camping trip???
hopefully peaceful and renewing ~
hugs to you my friend ~