Monday, April 21, 2008

In the Shadow of Your Wings

Tucked away in my bookshelf, almost hidden, I found a book I had almost forgotten. As I was heading off to Europe on my life's grand adventure, 29 years ago, with my cousin Nancy, my brother gave me this book to carry with me. It's called Hidden in His Hands, by Basilea Schlink. On the cover, are two hands, gently holding a red rose. I found these words that I wanted to share with you:

Love that cares
that watches over His child

Almight Love
whose powerful arm is outstretched over His child

Compassionate Love
that carries His fearful child
through all hardships and perils

All-transforming Love
that changes darkness into light
and hell into heaven

Never-ending Love
that surrounds His children
at all times and in all places.

You have always been my help
In the shadow of your wings
I sing for joy.
Psalm 63:7

My Lord is all of these things to me. I need His transforming Love every day of my life. I pray that He will hold you in the shadow of His wings and that you will sing for joy.


Just Joni said...

Always singing for JOY in His presence...He makes all things beautiful even in the dark as He is my fortress and my strength on any given day.

lovely poem, thank you for sharing ~ you lucky girl having been to Europe...*sigh....someday it will be one of my life's grand adventures...

hope you are having a good night ~

Just Joni said...

silly me...I posted my comment on the wrong day...look back :)

that's me...a day late, a dollar short and a comment misdirected!...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for going through my blogs

I am so blessed by your presence sister.

God bless you

I like your blogs...very unique

Keep on writing for the Lord's glory.

Just Joni said...

Have a fun camping trip! Will expect a complete report with pictures and everything upon your return ~