Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scatter Brained

I was sitting at my computer, writing on my blog, lost in thought. My son asked me for an ice cream cone. Like a good mom I told him he needed to eat his dinner first. I asked him if he wanted a salad first and he said no. I walked into the kitchen and realized how cold my feet were so I walked back to my room to find some warm socks. I could find no matching socks so I chose a warm, fuzzy one for my right foot. I walked back to the kitchen with the intention of going to the garage to look in the dirty clothes basket for the matching warm, fuzzy sock. However, as I walked by my computer, it pulled me back into my chair and back to my blog. I sat down to finish writing. My son called to me and asked me where his dinner was. I jumped up to look for my sock in the laundry room. It wasn't anywhere to be found, so I chose a plain white one for my left foot. I started dishing up my son's dinner and he decided he wanted a salad after all. When I was 18 my youth group at church had an awards banquet. I won the Miss Scatter Brain USA award. I even have a trophy. My son finished his dinner. He has eaten his chocolate ice cream cone and I'm finishing my blog for tonight. . . Oh, that's my son with our dog, Stormy.

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Just Joni said...

I can so relate because this is exactly how I clean house...I'll put something away and something will catch my eye and I'll deal with that and then that will lead me back to where I started and the circle starts all over wonder I always feel like I don't accomplish anything! Oh well I guess you could say I'm easily entertained!

Hope you are having a good weekend-