Friday, June 20, 2008

Facing the Giants

Facing the Giants, one of my favorite movies. . . Two messages stand out to me from this movie.

  • Prepare your fields for rain

If you're praying for rain then you better be prepared for it to rain!

I will love and praise my God

Even if what I'm praying for never happens, I will continue to trust Him.

If you haven't seen this movie, watch it. If you have seen it, watch it again! I'm watching it again tomorrow!


julie said...

hahaha! i will watch it SOON!

Yes, I was there today, too! I will be there Monday, then I must make up the first (Saturday) class at some point.

I have been sitting on the left - if you enter the second door, walk down about 10 rows from the front and I am the first seat on the left.

Definitely appreciate the prayers! Keep 'um coming and I will do the same.

Where do you want to teach? Maybe I will run across someone in that area. Seems many I've met are looking to go north - in the Little Elm, Allen, McKinney area.

One friend of mine may end up being a principal in DISD.......I need to call her, but she will have an elemetary school and I KNOW I don't want elementary = ) although the kids are precious.

Also, since some of the people in our classes have already been teaching at a school, they may know of an opening and be able to refer us.

I am trying to do that for "my" school. They offered me a job more than once, but it is a charter school, so they pay much less. There are many more benefits to being there that outweigh the money - but you know - 5 mouths to feed. Yet, I met 2 wonderful people who don't mind less income and don't have kids that want to apply there.

BTW, in the morning I meet with a lawyer for the first time since I received divorce papers. Please pray for God's will re the whole situation.



Just Joni said...

I vaguely recall this movie, so I will have to watch it again...

yesterday I participated in one of the greatest lesson plans I have ever experienced and I can't stop thinking about it. My thinking has been renewed and I'm so excited, I can't wait to have my own you ever get really excited about the upcoming challenges?

have a wonderful weekend sweet friend ~

Karen M said...

Hi Karen,

I agree about the movie...It's Great!!!

I just might watch it again tomorrow too. Mema's here and so we are doing a lot of sitting in the living room. I'm doing some computer stuff while we watch Pete's Dragon tonight.

I need to study...that will have to happen tomorrow!!!

Karen M said...

Something on your blog takes forever to load...not sure what it is, but it takes a really long time to load your blog.

Karen said...

I know, I've tried to figure out what it is too.
I was hoping it was just on my computer.
I'll keep working on it.

julie said...

oh, karen, i am such a nut. i forgot to look for you on monday. = ( i'm glad mark was the presenter. have a relaxing, fun summer. blessings, julie

julie said...

where were those pics taken? it is such a pretty building.
well, i sat on a row w/ 2 black ladies and i was on the isle with a red shirt. i have brown hair and am, well, let's say a bit chubby = )
a girl with blondish-brown hair sat in front of me and a man with grayish hair in front of her.

Anonymous said...

i wanna watch the whole video

lauren said...

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