Monday, June 30, 2008

For me, photography is looking through the lense of a camera, hoping to capture that moment when light and time and expression create "something more"

OK, All of you Photo Challenge Participants!! Hold on to your hats! It's time for the next Brenda Photo Challenge. I love photography, so being asked to host this one is really fun for me. I loved keeping my eye out for orange and look forward to having another goal to shoot for. Since we'll be celebrating Independence Day on July 4th, I thought it would be appropriate for the theme to be "PATRIOTISM" or in other words,

"What I Love About My Country"

I hope this gives everyone the freedom to interpret their own meaning to the words. I can't wait to see your images and creative ideas. If you want to participate, please send me a comment and I will post a link to your blog in my sidebar. So... please post 2-3 photos depicting your interpretation of Patriotism (or What I love about my country) on your blog by Saturday, July 11th and above all, HAVE FUN!

Here are the rules for the next lucky hostess


1. If you're asked to host the next challenge, and you accept the mission..LOL..pick a date (usually two weeks gives everyone time to gather their subjects and snap their photos).

2. Pick a Theme (can be Anything that floats your boat).

3. Post the rules and the next host, on your post. The Next host then does the same!


Donna said...

Well you know I'M In!! This should be Wonderful!!! Gotta get the old thinking cap on!!LOL...Thanks! Happy night!hughugs

Nonnie said...

i checked earlier....and now i'm back! :) please count me in, karen....good choice...and i am looking forward to it!

Brenda said...

Count me in too, I'll be getting my thinking cap on (like that'll do any good!)

Cindra said...

Great and timely theme! I'm in!

Karen M said...

Count me in!! This will be fun with the Independence Day on Friday.

Just Joni said...

I'm in! Great choice, lots of opportunities coming up!
thanks for hosting!


Sally said...

Me too - I'm in. My mind is a twirlin' or it will be once I get it back. hahahah

Great choice and thanks for hosting!!


Hiya Karen, I loved the orange challenge so much, so consider me in for this one too!

Shannon :)

Sharon Ellery said...

I loved the orange challenge so much that I'll join in this too - though you will get a different interpretation from an Aussie :-) It will be more about what I love about this country.


Jeanette said...

Woo Hoo! Can't wait. Count me in. I already have several ideas!

Jeanne said...

Boy you've got my mind whirling with this one. Thanks!

joan said...

Hi Karen,

I'm in on this one too. Very creative theme and now I'll be looking everywhere for a good photo. This is fun!

moma grit said...

Hey there! I am joining this photo challenge. I am Brenda's daughter in law (whats up down south). Well I have to see if I can figure out how to spiff my blog up and add photos but I am sure Brenda can help me out LOL

Tabitha said...

Hi There ~ just popped over from Donnas blog and I'd love to join in too (new to this though!!!).
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

Sharon Ellery said...

I would love to host the next challenge after you.


Donna said...

Please add me to the next photo challenge! (Donna in TN)